Kimono for the spring and the summer

Spring has inspired my outfit for today. I love pastel colors in general, and during this season, I am particularly enchanted by them. After the dark and murky winter, these peaches-and-cream colors jolly me up. You can combine them or even wear pastel colours together with white, nude or silver.

Kimonos are a hit in this season. I remember 16 years ago, I bought my first real kimono in a small market in Tokyo. It was kind of a souvenir for myself so it was not a traditional kimono. It was more like a fashion article. I was wearing it around the city at least once or twice, but when I went back home, never again. Since then, it has been hanging somewhere in my closet. Now, I feel the time has come to search for it.

A kimono can replace a long cardigan. It is made of a light material, comfortable to wear, and it looks fine on everyone. If you are temporarily having a problem with some extra weight, the kimono can hide it. The main point I want to explain about this outfit is this: I love the material, the color and the pattern, especially the little birds that make it even more exotic and unique.

Kimono: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Jeans: Bebe
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Aldo

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