Khaki… not for soldiers…

I have recently come across this knitted dress. I immediately liked it, because it is made from a fine, lightweight material. With the attached narrow belt, the waist is accentuated, making you look skinny. It is vintage and modern at the same time. It’s not spectacular or anything, but it is very feminine and timeless. You can wear it for many years to come and it will not look old or out-of-fashion.

It was actually the khaki (olive drab) colored dress that caught my eyes, and not the others, beige or black. I tried the beige one on first. I excluded the one in black from my three color choices. While trying on the beige colored dress, I was not impressed with the results of how I looked in the mirror. I looked very pale and the beige color was not a good match with the color of my hair or skin.

Next, I tried on the khaki colored dress. The results were just the opposite from wearing the beige one. It
accentuated the color of my skin, the color of my eyes, and was in perfect contrast with my reddish colored hair. Yes! This is the one I absolutely have to have!

Just so you know, I also like wearing khaki in the winter. I prefer wearing this color on a sporty and
flashy outfit. Then, I would wear this color on a coat, sweaters, and even a military jacket,  even if khaki seems more masculine than feminine.

In the summer, I feel good wearing khaki shirts, blouses, board shorts or even linen wide-leg
trousers. I usually combine these with white and black pieces, but for those of you who prefer something with a little
more flair, you can choose either silver, gold, and even add glittery accessories to the ensemble. However, the best choice to pair with olive drab would be brown. Our olive drab outfit would look amazingly jazzed up with brown shoes and a brown handbag, with some golden bijou jewelry.



Dress: Guess

Sandals: Valentino

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Gucci

Bracelet: Michael Kors

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