I really, really, have nothing to wear…

I cannot imagine that there are women out there who have never been complaining about the above sad fact, or rather that alternative fact.  In such desperate moments, the wardrobe of our boyfriends or husbands (sorry,
single ladies) can help.

Yes, we girls, love stealing from our partners time and time again. Tell me if you
agree, so I know, I’m not only one who does it! You too, must have borrowed that classical
white men’s collared shirt and t-shirt to sleep in, but now the time has come to search through his closet!

All kidding aside, I have shopped in the men’s department more than once. Now with oversized, wide,
comfortable pieces in their Renaissance, I have bought polo shirts, hoodies, and jumpers at Zara,
Urban Outfitters, and Adidas. Everything comfortable and boyfriend-style is welcome.

Why this introduction? The main point in my story today refers to this Guess Originals Classic  T-shirt
for men in Large. But this certainly does not mean that with me wearing it, I would look like a
boy. Worn with a waist belt and over-the-knee boots, it gives me a sexy and very feminine look. Wouldn’t you
agree? And the final touch, the oversized denim jacket, my mega favorite, right now.

For more pictures, click on my Instagram link!

P.S. Next week I will surprise you with a completely different, really business-like dress. Don’t be
scared, but don’t also expect a traditional two piece outfit. It will be a Rebecca special! I cannot wait to
show it to you… So long and big kisses!

T-shirt: Guess
Denim Jacket: Zara

Bag: Gucci
Boots, Sunglasses, Belt: I bought in L.A. (no brand)

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