Eljött a Te időd!

GIVEAWAY TIME! Nyereményjáték! Ezennel szeretném bemutatni nektek az új kiegészítőmet a gyönyörűséges Jord Wood Watchomat.  Nagy örömmel vettem a cég megkeresését, hisz nem ez volt az első eset, hogy egy wood watch-os cég keresett meg együttműködéssel kapcsolatban, de ez az a cég és azok a termékek, amikkel azonosulni tudok, és amiket bátran ajánlok a figyelmetekbe. […]

Csak kényelmesen!

A hétvégén úgy döntöttem, kicsit felfedezem a várost. Már több mint egy hónapja lakunk Tampán, de még bőven van mit bejárni.  A városi barangoláshoz, egy szuper kényelmes szettet állítottam össze. Ez a pólóruha egyszerre vagány és trendi. Könnyű pamut darab, a színét imádom, nem kényes pont megfelel a kirándulásra. Még egy kényelmes cipő a lábra, […]

Can I be your lifeguard?

Recently, they played the new Baywatch movie in the theaters which has inspired me to do a beach shoot. Over the last few years, the monokini has come back into fashion limelight again. The fashion wave will definitely reach its peak for sure after this new Baywatch movie. Who doesn’t remember Pamela Anderson’s scene when […]

Latina Lover

For a woman’s summer wardrobe, beside the maxi dresses, the maxi skirt should not be left out. I am talking about a trendy, comfortable, loose, and breezy skirt.  The main pieces of my outfit today is definitely that one. It is feminine, and an eye-catching red. Like Spanish style, which is a really good match […]

Kimono for the spring and the summer

Spring has inspired my outfit for today. I love pastel colors in general, and during this season, I am particularly enchanted by them. After the dark and murky winter, these peaches-and-cream colors jolly me up. You can combine them or even wear pastel colours together with white, nude or silver. Kimonos are a hit in […]

Khaki… not for soldiers…

I have recently come across this knitted dress. I immediately liked it, because it is made from a fine, lightweight material. With the attached narrow belt, the waist is accentuated, making you look skinny. It is vintage and modern at the same time. It’s not spectacular or anything, but it is very feminine and timeless. […]

I really, really, have nothing to wear…

I cannot imagine that there are women out there who have never been complaining about the above sad fact, or rather that alternative fact.  In such desperate moments, the wardrobe of our boyfriends or husbands (sorry, single ladies) can help. Yes, we girls, love stealing from our partners time and time again. Tell me if […]

Off To The Beach

Off to the beach….

A few more weeks until summer “officially” arrives. Lots of people cannot wait to enjoy the beach and holiday season. It is almost time to begin soon! Hurray! Actually, I have no reason to shout, “Hurray”. There has been no winter for me this year, and I have to admit that we, winter and I, […]